This great ride runs parallel to the Sakonnet River and ends at the Atlantic Ocean. ... more

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The protests reminded me of those around Vietnam a half century ago, and how my parents and people who are my age now bitched about those crazy kids on campuses and in the streets speaking up, speaking out, speaking from their hearts. more

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Take your Tastebuds on a Trip

What do tabbouleh, veg biryani, and salt cod have in common? They all can be found at authentic ethnic markets on the South Coast. more

Feb 26, 2018 8:52 PM Coastal Mags

Whether injured or healthy, Paul stresses that all you have to do is “listen to your body and treat it nicely.” Most people sit too long and exercise or stretch too little. Your body will let you know when it’s not happy. more

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The AppleCare+ repair price is fixed at $99 for most models, but out-of-warranty service prices go up substantially. For example, an out-of-warranty repair on the iPhone X will cost as much as $549. more

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“With a 55 percent dropout rate, we needed to have all hands on deck if we are ever going to turn the tide of economic development. We need a workforce for the 21st century and we are now building that foundation.” more

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At 7:30 each school day, middle school girls pass through this space before starting their nearly 11-hour program. more

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Those millions of you who have dogs or cats know that the value of their companionship goes far beyond what simple words can provide. more

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