Onset Village, a (mostly) quiet beach town featuring spectacular views of sparkling water and activities for all ages. It’s truly a hidden gem, loaded with things to do throughout the summer. more

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The annual studio tour explodes on the scene every summer on both the third weekend of July and August. It attracts thousands of art lovers to an idyllic coastal world that includes the towns of Tiverton, Little Compton, Westport, and Dartmouth. more

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If you thought it was impossible for the South Coast beach scene to improve, you were all wet thanks to projects at Grinnell’s Beach in Tiverton and the Swansea Town Beach. While those two gems will sparkle brighter in the near future... more

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...there is something educational and inspirational to be gained by all who immerse themselves in the wonder, history, design, and beauty of these vehicles, as well as the eclectic mid-20th century furnishings that echo the personality of these eras more

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So go to sleep, envision what you want, let your dreams be the subconscious manifestation that precedes reality and look forward to rule number 1 – where it all starts. more

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Fall River is getting a bit more credit for both its historic past and richly cultured present, thanks in part to Sandy and Dave Dennis, the Executive Director and Board Chairman, respectively, of an organization called the Creative Arts Network... more

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Bourdain, a man I deeply admired for his snarky attitude, his cavalier nature, and the way he shrugged off and scoffed at pretense and pretenders, died in a Paris hotel room. more

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This great ride runs parallel to the Sakonnet River and ends at the Atlantic Ocean. ... more

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