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Good Vibrations

No matter how cluttered your life is with details and demands, you can always carve out a few minutes each day to sit comfortably and quietly, cut off from the noise and nonsense.

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And there is no better example of being in the moment than a child. Watch them play, laugh, live, love, thrive. That moment is all they know. That moment is all they need. Read more

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“I have bitten into the sandwich less eaten, and it has made all the difference.” Read more

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Two years ago this month, I wrote an essay for this magazine entitled “Why Good Manners Matter.” I’d been appalled by the level of nastiness and dirty tricks we’d seen throughout the 2016 presidential campaign and election... Read more

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Pets are considered by most people to be an important family member, and today many individuals make personal sacrifices to provide for costly veterinary care and quality nutrition to keep their animals happy and healthy. Read more

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Anyone who has traveled at night in winter knows how the cold and darkness can crawl into your bones. Ah, but at Christmas, winter becomes magical. Read more

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Speaking of numbers, isn’t it weird that when it’s 60 outside, it’s comfortable, but when it’s 60 inside, it’s freezing? Thanksgiving beauty and inspiration. Read more

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...I started to read the fine print on the volunteer page on the All Hands website. Words like “communal living” and “curfew” started to make me second-guess my decision. I am 45, not 25. I am a light sleeper. I use three pillows when I sleep. Read more

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