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Dori’s Story

“The experience of creating the energy between the music that is happening on the stage, then wrapping it around the audience and having it come back – that circle of energy is what I live for,that’s the moment when I feel most alive.”



Paul Kandarian's short, uneven little masterpiece from Ljiljana Vasiljevoc's small, masterfully uneven little South Coast Insider. more

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...if you’re looking for a change of scenery, some of the best Halloween events in the area held in a place you might not expect: your local zoo! more

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This is the first year that DJ Markos and his Bouzouki Band will be performing. Friday night will be DJ music; Saturday night will feature live traditional Greek music with bouzouki, drums, and guitar; and Sunday will be streamed music. more

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But a funny thing happened over the decades since then: those who stayed behind, along with newly-arrived immigrants, decided that when gritty-city life hands you lemons, you make lemonade! more

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The annual studio tour explodes on the scene every summer on both the third weekend of July and August. It attracts thousands of art lovers to an idyllic coastal world that includes the towns of Tiverton, Little Compton, Westport, and Dartmouth. more

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If you thought it was impossible for the South Coast beach scene to improve, you were all wet thanks to projects at Grinnell’s Beach in Tiverton and the Swansea Town Beach. While those two gems will sparkle brighter in the near future... more

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Bourdain, a man I deeply admired for his snarky attitude, his cavalier nature, and the way he shrugged off and scoffed at pretense and pretenders, died in a Paris hotel room. more

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