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The protests reminded me of those around Vietnam a half century ago, and how my parents and people who are my age now bitched about those crazy kids on campuses and in the streets speaking up, speaking out, speaking from their hearts.



The humble daffodil, the faithful harbinger of spring, is enjoyed worldwide. Here on the South Coast, plan a visit to Parsons Reserve, located a short walk south of Russells Mills Village, at 50 Horseneck Road in Dartmouth, where you can revel in fie more

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After a prolonged stay in the ICU, Aguiar was referred to Vibra Hospital. She immediately began a journey of extensive medical treatments and aggressive therapy. She was promptly evaluated by the respiratory therapy department for weaning readiness. more

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What do tabbouleh, veg biryani, and salt cod have in common? They all can be found at authentic ethnic markets on the South Coast. more

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I couldn’t help but notice: Mike Pence and Paul Ryan look like they’ve been replaced with very real-looking robots. more

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Some of the prettiest plants may also harmful. These are considered “invasive” plants and include such local favorites as burning bush and bittersweet. They come from other countries and climates. more

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The AppleCare+ repair price is fixed at $99 for most models, but out-of-warranty service prices go up substantially. For example, an out-of-warranty repair on the iPhone X will cost as much as $549. more

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We would love to hear from you. How are we reaching you? more

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