As a Baby Boomer from New Bedford, I was indoctrinated with the Ten Commandments, the Baltimore Catechism, the Sermon on the Mount, and a lot of inexplicable Irish superstitions about umbrellas, patent-leather shoes, hair perms, and whistling women. more

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If you think everything Irish is boiled or fried, think again. Look for lamb and seafood, Sunday roasts and shepherd’s pie. A hearty stew, ideally with Guinness in it, warms the heart and soul. more

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When my ancestors fled the great famine in Ireland, they came to this country to face a tidal wave of anti-Catholic vitriol. Uncountable numbers of starving and terrified men, women, and children dragged themselves to American shores. more

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...But today, Portuguese restaurants dominate the Spindle City. Just a listing of the places would fill this magazine, and can be found in the north and south ends, up the Flint, but especially on Columbia Street. more

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When you’re in your 60s, you do no gut sucking or chest puffing, you just stand and let it all hang out, look at the girl and think “Dammit, she’s young enough to be my granddaughter.” more

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We who were born in the late 40’s and early 50’s were the first TV generation. ...Could those values that we now hold dear have been embossed onto our young, impressionable souls, not by the classic books or religion, but by The Three Stooges? more

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Thanks to a grant provided by Roger Michel, assistant district attorney in the New Bedford DA’s office, the eight girls and their chaperones had the experience of a lifetime more

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"We look at what will have the biggest impact in the community and regionally, as well," said Matthew Paquin, chair of the Somerset Local Cultural Council who uses the $5,808 to fund 15 grants. more

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An article from 2012 that seems currently relevant: It is written somewhere in the laws of probability that whenever there are 100 humans gathered in any group, that there will be 3.7 certified arseholes in that gathering. more

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