The calculated date of the last frost for our zone, based on year-to-year averages, is April 15th, but you can get three weeks, maybe a month’s head start ... more

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...agricultural tourism or “agritourism” – bringing people to farms for experiences they won't find in the city or suburbs. more

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“Adventure” is an apt word for the life of a farmer. ... the endeavor is “the beginning of an adventure in nature, permaculture and sustainable farming, honoring food - our wellspring of life.” more

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Massachusetts is second only to Wisconsin in cranberry output. Massachusetts produces nearly a quarter of the nation's cranberries... more

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...what saved an agriculture area like the South Coast was the implementation of the Agriculture Preservation Restriction more

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The New Bedford Wellness Initiative is a program that sponsors a monthly wellness walk and educational programs; and supports local farmers’ markets in an effort to afford shoppers the opportunity to purchase fresh, quality ingredients ... more

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