History 1641, slavery was legalized in Massachusetts’ General Court. Faneuil Hall, Harvard, Brown and other landmarks in Bristol, Newport, and elsewhere can trace their origins to the slave trade. more

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After the melody, tempo, and lyrics are in place, the hard work of deciding on which instrument, what guest artists and finally, how to best blend sounds to produce a quality recording. more

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Fortunately, some of the local history has been preserved in the pages of books (or frozen in electronic fonts in eBooks). As the trees change color and fall, grab some local books and flip through the pages. more

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From year to year you can see the changes that came along. For example, starting in 1906, the New Bedford City Directory lists Automobile Owners in New Bedford, giving owner’s name, business address, residence, make of machine, number, and horsepower more

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March is National Women’s History Month, and the South Coast has been home to some pretty amazing women, going all the way back to colonial times. more

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