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Today, bicycles are more popular than ever, and with high gas prices and traffic-laden commuting the norm rather than the exception, the subject of whether “bike paths” are good or bad has, perhaps quite surprisingly, become a bit of an issue. Read more

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Farmers produce food for a massive population at rock-bottom prices because agriculture has been streamlined. ..From the genetic makeup to final product, it’s all micromanaged. Food lacks diversity, taste and nutrition, but it’s cheap. Read more

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Basically, microgreens are the tiny leaves of common salad greens and garden vegetables, harvested at a very early stage in their development. They’re packed with vitamins and ridiculously easy to grow. Read more

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Early last month, while I was munching on a handful of organically grown, roasted pumpkin seeds, I heard of the Hostess Company’s imminent demise, followed shortly thereafter by news of their failed negotiations with union representatives. Read more

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I admit it, I am a bit of a luddite. I like getting out in the dirt, rummaging in old abandoned cellar holes, searching for bits and pieces of a past that seems to be eroding like the land. I like to find rusting bits of old automobiles... Read more

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There are places in this world that can help us remember why living is worthwhile. ... Those special places are not at all rare, but our presence in them certainly is becoming so. Read more

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