If the total of your taxable pensions, wages, interest, dividends, and other taxable income, plus any tax-exempt interest income, plus half of your Social Security benefits are more than a base amount, some of your benefits will be taxable. Read more

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Time has taught me that listening to people gripe will not change or improve their situation. Read more

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A financially savvy person does not have credit card debt and does not have monthly credit card payments. They use the money that is generally used to pay back debt to make current purchases instead. Read more

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As an outsider looking in, I am a voyeur following from a distance watching the ebb and flow of life’s gains and losses. Read more

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People don’t think much about Estate Planning, or its close relatives – wills, healthcare proxies, or power of attorney. It’s not just the younger generation thinking they will live forever. Read more

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I remember a conversation with one of my clients several years back...She hated her boss, the type of work that she did, the people she worked with, and she obtained no personal satisfaction from the duties she performed. Read more

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No one should dread the upcoming holidays because of limited finances – likewise, no one needs to compound their budgetary woes by splurging and putting themselves in even deeper debt for fear of looking stingy or ungrateful for past gifts you’ve... Read more

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