This great ride runs parallel to the Sakonnet River and ends at the Atlantic Ocean. ... more

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Take these four easy steps to keep the weight off this holiday season. more

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With pumpkins you can run with just about any theme you imagine: rustic to regal, rough and ragged to formal and precise, from a lone pumpkin to an entire tableau. more

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East Beach - Horseneck

Westport Historical Society

It's time to hit the beach, and Horseneck Beach State Reservation in Westport is the place to go. At 816 acres, you can easily find a spot to just chill, stare out across Rhode Island Sound, and recuperate from the crazy stop-and-go winter. more

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With a good tail wind they can fly 80 mph, these amazing creatures who can find their way home without a map or GPS, even when released 600 miles away: pigeons. But not the kind you see pecking about on the sidewalk. Specifically, Racing Homers. more

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It wasn’t so long ago that the South Coast was littered with empty mills, polluted shorelines, deserted buildings, vacant lots, neglected public parks, and shuttered storefronts. But the region underwent a transformation over the past few decades... more

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Buttonwood Park was designed in the mid 1890s by Charles Eliot of Olmsted, Olmsted & Eliot, a famous Boston firm specializing in landscape architecture. The plan was shelved, but many of its features were incorporated in the park. more

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Allergic rhinitis is what happens when your body’s immune system goes into warp-drive whenever it encounters an irritant like pollen. It triggers a histamine response – mucus-membrane inflammation and swelling in the eyes, nose, sinuses, and throat. more

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Ticks, and the diseases they carry, have been making humanity sick for a very long time. In 1991, hikers in the Alps near the Austria-Italy border discovered the frozen, mummified remains of man who died 3,500 years ago. more

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Over the past two-and-a-half years, AHA! Fall River has been providing a range of activities and services to the community, while supporting and showcasing the regional arts community. This year may prove to be their aha moment. more

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Ever walk along a waterfront, or past a garden, or down a bike path ten or twenty or fifty times before you really noticed some feature that has always been there? more

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There’s nothing that can compare to a real tree, with the smell of the pine and the beautiful asymmetry of the genuine item. more

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Discover Buzzard Bay - Walks and Hikes

Southcoast Health and the Buzzards Bay Coalition have joined together to create “Discover Buzzards Bay,” an initiative to promote active outdoor recreation. A series of guided monthly outdoor walks, called “Sunday Strolls,” ... more

Dec 5, 2016 8:48 AM Coastal Mags


Welcome to the 2nd Annual Festival of Trees, where holiday magic transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Within weeks, community businesses and organizations will turn into winter wonderlands with uniquely decorated Christmas trees. more

Nov 16, 2016 10:23 PM Coastal Mags

Early autumn will feature popular celebrations on both sides of the Acushnet River. New Bedford's Seaport Chowder Festival and the Fairhaven Village Militia Fall Revolutionary War Encampment... more

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I took my anger out on that innocent but uncooperative nine iron and disrespected what is called a “gentleman’s game,” a wonderfully quaint and decidedly sexist term that should be updated to “a game demanding the patience of a male or female saint.” more

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In the South Coast you are able to play again and again. From Seekonk to Wareham, courses are available to be played for a small fee. more

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Ten Years of the Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride

The Watershed Ride is a 75-mile, day-long bike ride from Westport to Woods Hole. more

Aug 7, 2016 7:58 PM Coastal Mags

There’s a full calendar of festivities and events taking place in Onset this summer, and those are in addition to the restaurants and pubs tempting visitors. It’s a small, very pedestrian-scale village... more

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Tailgating helped boost interest in outdoor grilling; people began to bring the convivial barbeque experience with them to make a day of a three-hour sporting event. If tailgating encouraged people to envision and undertake more elaborate grilling more








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