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Between Buzzards Bay and East Wareham lies the quaint village of Onset. Initially established at the turn of the 20th century as a hotspot for Boston area spiritualists, Onset was a destination for people seeking answers from beyond. Read more

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One of the biggest surprises was the success of the region’s branding as “South Coast.” ...But the label stuck thanks to the acceptance by the hospital chain, TV weather forecasters, various regional initiatives, and this very publication. Read more

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In less than twenty years, the South Coast had become a polyglot region, a real melting-pot like New York City, more aligned with Providence than Boston. Read more

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“Everything is here and close to big cities – everything is within reach. It’s beautiful to grow up here. There’s a lot to experience. It’s urban, but suburban, and even rural. You can be in the woods and two miles away is an urban area..." Read more

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    PT July Aug 18








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