If you've ever watched people standing on a surfboard and paddling, you know what's SUP: standing up paddleboarding. Read more

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With a good tail wind they can fly 80 mph, these amazing creatures who can find their way home without a map or GPS, even when released 600 miles away: pigeons. But not the kind you see pecking about on the sidewalk. Specifically, Racing Homers. Read more

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I took my anger out on that innocent but uncooperative nine iron and disrespected what is called a “gentleman’s game,” a wonderfully quaint and decidedly sexist term that should be updated to “a game demanding the patience of a male or female saint.” Read more

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In the South Coast you are able to play again and again. From Seekonk to Wareham, courses are available to be played for a small fee. Read more

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Ten Years of the Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride

The Watershed Ride is a 75-mile, day-long bike ride from Westport to Woods Hole. Read more

Aug 7, 2016 7:58 PM Coastal Mags

Many retirees with time to spare have different options to take to the mountains. There can be a one-day trip to a regional mountain or a weekend trip. Read more

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“It’s a non-impact sport,” says Club President Heidi Hacking. “You use your full body to row, but it isn’t strenuous. Anyone can do it and that’s what attracts most people. We have members of all ages.” Read more

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On June 20, an expected 300 swimmers will make the one-mile crossing at the mouth of the Acushnet River, swimming from Smuggler’s Cove to Fort Phoenix Beach State Reservation in Fairhaven. Read more

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