The AppleCare+ repair price is fixed at $99 for most models, but out-of-warranty service prices go up substantially. For example, an out-of-warranty repair on the iPhone X will cost as much as $549. Read more

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Housecleaning doesn't seem to relate to driving an automobile, but what if you could manage your household chores while you're in a boring commute? Read more

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High-tech safety features do add another layer of complexity to driving, but usually their controls are located in positions that can be accessed easily and quickly or don't require driver input. Read more

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Depressing as it is to contemplate, our houses are always in a slow state of Unknown Object decline. Every five-to-fifteen years we wind up having to pour a chunk of cash into replacing aging appliances, water heaters, furnaces, or electrical systems Read more

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CD and DVDs, “optical discs,” have lifespans, and while the actual number of years a CD will last is dependent on many things,... Read more

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The drone was about 300 yards away, its battery reserve was dwindling. The flight downwind had taken seconds, the pilot was tense as the drone struggled upwind before its power ran out and a couple of thousand dollars of drone... Read more

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I have no numbers to back this up, but I'm convinced there are others besides myself who are plagued by what I just now termed “data anxiety,” the fear that there are legions of faceless un-shredders working 24/7 reassembling my bank statements... Read more

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The incandescent bulb is notoriously inefficient. Incandescent bulbs give off most of their energy (more than 95%) as heat rather than light. Read more

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Are you getting annoyed that every verbal exchange you have requires you to emit a “WHADIDYOUSAY?” The repetition really takes the punch out of a conversation for everyone involved. Read more

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