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...if you’re looking for a change of scenery, some of the best Halloween events in the area held in a place you might not expect: your local zoo! Read more

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John Stein Performs in Duets

Whaling City Sound artist John Stein performs in duets January 11, 2017, 7p-10p with Marcus Monteiro, saxophonist February 3, 2017, 7p-10p with Dave Zinno, acoustic bassist February 24, 2017, 7p-10p with Dave Zinno, acoustic bassist Read more

Jan 5, 2017 8:42 PM Coastal Mags

“Go placidly among the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.” Read more

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December is one busy month. The traditional activities can easily fill every waking moment and our five senses are under constant assault. Non-stop action rules. It's turbo-overstimulation. Read more

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In November our calendars begin to fill with the yearly ritual events, but there's still time to squeeze in something new, something unusual, that we might not have tried before. Try these to expand you local horizons. Read more

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“We have to get past the idea that ‘ghosts aren’t real,’ because that’s something our parents just told us so we’d stop being scared and just go back to sleep. But they’re real, and they’re nothing to be scared of..." Read more

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Fish. Flowers. Architecture. Cars. Art. Music. History. Food. New Bedford now sports an overflowing events calendar that mixes and remixes the elements of various local cultures into new and intriguing permutations. Read more

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Early autumn will feature popular celebrations on both sides of the Acushnet River. New Bedford's Seaport Chowder Festival and the Fairhaven Village Militia Fall Revolutionary War Encampment... Read more

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Maker Fairs are tailored to the average person, made to show people what is going on in the world, showcasing people not afraid to work with their hands or to think outside of the box, those figuring out how to reuse materials... Read more

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The sheer number of venues, performers (both local and visiting,) and variety of performances reveals a vibrant performing arts community across our area. Read more

Prime Times

Here are some inexpensive South Coast venues where you can take advantage of the summer's long evenings and their comfortable temperatures and reddening skies. Read more

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I took my anger out on that innocent but uncooperative nine iron and disrespected what is called a “gentleman’s game,” a wonderfully quaint and decidedly sexist term that should be updated to “a game demanding the patience of a male or female saint.” Read more

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Open Studio Tour - 2016

Here’s another chance to experience art close-up and catch some of the studios you missed in July as South Coast Artists open their doors once again to visitors of all ages. Read more

Aug 11, 2016 10:23 AM Coastal Mags

In the South Coast you are able to play again and again. From Seekonk to Wareham, courses are available to be played for a small fee. Read more

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There’s a full calendar of festivities and events taking place in Onset this summer, and those are in addition to the restaurants and pubs tempting visitors. It’s a small, very pedestrian-scale village... Read more

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Being mostly surrounded by water has its advantages, especially as the summer rolls around and activities available become so plentiful that you can basically choose a different activity each day. Read more

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I was also taught never to eat black pudding in any month that did not have the letter “R” in its name. Animal-based products spoil very quickly in the heat, and can make you sick for weeks in just minutes. Read more


We’re blessed to live here, with open land, parks, and recreational areas in abundance. Nearly every trail, path, or park is available for people to enjoy. Read more

Prime Season

The South Coast provides lots of places within an hour’s drive that can provide a change of scenery from your daily grind. Here are just a few suggestions. Read more

Good Times

But let's focus on June and look at some of the more "unusual" (to put it kindly) awareness days that one can take advantage of. Read more

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Monday Morning Fun programs in July and August

After a successful first season last summer, the Fairhaven Office of Tourism will offer a second season of fun family programs on Monday mornings at the town’s Visitors Center, aimed at children ages 5 to 12 and their parents or guardians. Read more

Jun 20, 2016 10:47 AM Coastal Mags








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