New Bedford’s creative community is blossoming, and thanks to local partnerships and collaborations Wicked Cool Places are sprouting throughout the city. Read more

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The futility is of finding something unique, special, or original that speaks to whomever is receiving a gift, especially at places that sell imported, mass-produced items is usually the cause of lots of anxiety. Read more

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In these times of technology-precipitated social isolation that far too often separates us, I got a lovely reminder of where some old-fashioned humanity thrives in forms simple, articulate, literary, and essential. Read more

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One of the season’s highlights will be The New Bedford Festival Theatre’s production of “The Best of Times” as they celebrate the group’s 30th season. Read more

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You want your house to be your home: something that uniquely expresses who you are and allows you to enjoy your decorative experience both indoors and out. Read more

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The chroniclers of local history and culture since 1981, this year Spinner has not one but two recent releases for you to choose from, as well as a back catalogue that will satiate your appetite for all things South Coast. Read more

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... the clock is ticking on whether we can fend off apocalyptic changes to Planet Earth’s climate by the end of this century. If we do nothing, life as we know it now will be irrevocably changed... fraught with perils and scarcity. Read more

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