... the clock is ticking on whether we can fend off apocalyptic changes to Planet Earth’s climate by the end of this century. If we do nothing, life as we know it now will be irrevocably changed... fraught with perils and scarcity. Read more

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Most recently, I went to the Wareham pot shop with a double mission: not to get high so much as tap the medicinal resources of weed, specifically CBD oil. Read more

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The organization will then use campaign funds to install ten large-scale murals around the city. They will employ world-renowned artists who will work in partnership with the local arts community to develop designs that reflect New Bedford's past. Read more

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Yeah, okay, this all sounds crazy, a little woo-woo, I get it. But everyone has their own version of spirituality that feeds their souls. This is mine. Read more

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“Meditation is simple but very effective,...You may not be able to change your situation, but through meditation you can change the way you see it." Read more

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The advent of the Co-Creative Center this past July means a forging of shared creative energies in an environment that encourages and provides a platform for burgeoning talents and projects. Read more

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And there is no better example of being in the moment than a child. Watch them play, laugh, live, love, thrive. That moment is all they know. That moment is all they need. Read more

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No matter how cluttered your life is with details and demands, you can always carve out a few minutes each day to sit comfortably and quietly, cut off from the noise and nonsense. Read more

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