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Climate Change: At the Tipping Point

Tropical heat in Finland, Siberian tundras ablaze, once-in-a-lifetime snow in Brazil, deadly mudslides in Japan, raging floods in Germany and China. This summer seemed to be the tipping point for extreme effects of global warming.

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And what he does is earning him an international reputation. Music fans around the world buy his albums and attend his concerts, and drummers around the world play his hand-crafted creations. Read more

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Cape Verdean Theme

David Guadelupe

Anyone taking a self-guided tour of the Whaling City's largest murals and colorful examples of public art should start with the oldest "Dignity," which has graced a wall near the corner of Spring and South Sixth streets since 2001... Read more

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Ten years after its formation, the Swansea Waterfront Revitalization Committee (WRC) realized the first major piece of its master plan for the resuscitation of its Town Beach: the construction of a Lifeguard’s Bathhouse with outdoor showers and a ... Read more

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History comes alive at the Berkley Historical Society Museum. Far from being a stuffy history museum, ...the Berkley Museum is a place to discover what it was like to live in Berkley in days gone by. Read more

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Situated amidst the oceanside splendor of Buzzards Bay with its quaint Victorian charm, Onset Village is a valued destination for tourists and regional guests alike. Read more

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While some of the traditional South Coast summer events were cancelled at the last minute, most have returned in a re-invented format, stripped down a bit, but every bit as spectacular as in summers past – and well worth the wait! (but wait!...) Read more

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Whether you want to snack on a luscious tree-ripened fresh peach or to use the sweet fruit to make a delicious pie, salad, jam, or other summer treat, the region boasts an abundance of delightful orchards where visitors of all ages can enjoy... Read more

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