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Community Outreach

“Without volunteers we couldn’t serve the community the way we do,” says Michael Jung, a Major with the New Bedford Salvation Army. “Our volunteers come to us mostly from word of mouth."

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The futility is of finding something unique, special, or original that speaks to whomever is receiving a gift, especially at places that sell imported, mass-produced items is usually the cause of lots of anxiety. Read more

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New Bedford’s creative community is blossoming, and thanks to local partnerships and collaborations Wicked Cool Places are sprouting throughout the city. Read more

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Can the once-thriving mill town of Fall River transform itself into a hub for aspiring local artists? Read more

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You want your house to be your home: something that uniquely expresses who you are and allows you to enjoy your decorative experience both indoors and out. Read more

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Now I’m a pretty geographically savvy guy. I know where I am most of the time by landmarks or just an innate sense of direction. But put me on one familiar shore, I cannot for the life of me tell you what’s on the other one. Read more

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The South Coast is blessed with hidden shorelines, rivers, marshes, beaches, and ponds within a stone’s throw of “civilization,” and they’re a sure cure for the doldrums of the daily grind. Read more

The Insider should be less afraid of going in the ocean and more afraid of going in your backyard: in 2017, sharks killed five people around the world. Meanwhile, every year, there are one million estimated deaths caused by mosquito-borne illness. Read more

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