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Mountains and Molehills

If someone tells you to “take a hike” it’s probably some good advice.

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South Coast residents don’t need theater tickets to Boston or New York to see the kind of dance performances that typify the warmer, lighter-air spring season... Read more

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I got a watch for Christmas that isn’t just a watch – it’s basically a hospital emergency room you strap to your wrist that measures… everything. Read more

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Remember your grandparents talking about saving for a rainy day? Putting aside money for emergencies or unexpected bills is just as important now, but studies show that 44% of Americans would have a hard time covering an unexpected $400 expense,... Read more

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The New Bedford Birth to 3rd Grade Partnership is a community-wide early childhood initiative focused on literacy, social-emotional learning, and kindergarten readiness. Read more

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Many women throughout South Coast history have been inspirational role models in the march to empower future generations of womanhood. Read more

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Since this idea of a unified South Coast was launched in the 1990s, the dream has made progress – yet still struggles to achieve critical mass. A handful of entities have seized the initiative and run with it, coordinating their efforts... Read more

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There is something about the bump and thump of a train, the comforting and occasionally jarring cadence of travel on the rails, the passing scenery a swirl of visuals, evocative and fleeting,... Read more

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