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Finding Balance

Described as “meditation in motion,” it is an ancient Chinese martial art that can bring energy to the body and serenity to the mind. The benefits are both physical and mental. Tai Chi is a slow and fluid movement of postures that are...

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There is something about the bump and thump of a train, the comforting and occasionally jarring cadence of travel on the rails, the passing scenery a swirl of visuals, evocative and fleeting,... Read more

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There are a few ways to play January. Think outside of the box, make a plan, stay active, and get yourself geared up for the rest of the year. Read more

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Just as we began a slightly steeper portion of the trail, I looked up to see some serious cloud cover coming in, followed by tremendous wind that blew loose snow wildly about, into my face, eyes, and nostrils. Read more

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“Without volunteers we couldn’t serve the community the way we do,” says Michael Jung, a Major with the New Bedford Salvation Army. “Our volunteers come to us mostly from word of mouth." Read more

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The futility is of finding something unique, special, or original that speaks to whomever is receiving a gift, especially at places that sell imported, mass-produced items is usually the cause of lots of anxiety. Read more

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New Bedford’s creative community is blossoming, and thanks to local partnerships and collaborations Wicked Cool Places are sprouting throughout the city. Read more

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Can the once-thriving mill town of Fall River transform itself into a hub for aspiring local artists? Read more

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