Blowing in the Wind



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Wind farms are safe, it's the anti-wind campaigners who are the problem

Wind farms don’t harm human health, anti-wind campaigners do. 19 reviews world wide of all of the available research and complaints by credible, independent groups have cleared wind farms of health impacts. Meanwhile, studies in the UK, Australia and New Zealand point the finger at anti-wind lobbyists spreading health fears and jacking up stress.

Infrasound produced by wind farms is harmless; humans evolved with infrasound and wind farms produce less than waves on a beach, yet beach front property is in major demand.

Lisa Linowes is a long-term anti-wind advocate with clear ties to fossil fuel and anti-AGW propaganda.

The Nissenbaum / Aramini / Hanning study published in Noise and Health is unreliable. The data actually shows that everyone in the study group sleeps poorly, not just the ones close to wind farms. Their data is too scattered to support a correlation between wind turbine placement and sleep. Five of the six authors and thanked reviewers are Advisory Board members of the anti-wind lobbyist group, the Society for Wind Vigilance, but their long histories of anti-wind activism are unstated. One of the authors, Nissenbaum, was active in the wind farms studied previously doing poorly structured studies that would have increased fear and stress.

Windfall is about as factually flawed as a documentary can get and pretty much misses the point of what actually occurred.

Mike Barnard - more than 8 years ago

Excellent Article

With 42 - 2.3 projected to be with in a 4km (2.5miles) radius of my home, articles like this make it easier for me to explain to the naysayers in my neighbourhood.

Jackie N. more than 8 years ago

Blowing in the Wind

Why do I keep on saying !!!!!!There is no safe distance for wind Turbines, NOT GREEN, NOT CHEAP, NOT RELIABLE, and come with a very BAD side EFFECT to People and the ENVIRONMENT. there is Nothing GREEN about TURBINES. SAY NO TO WIND TURBINES.

Andreas Marciniak more than 8 years ago

Check out Wind Rush :

Wind Rush The Pain of Commercial Wind

Frank Haggerty more than 8 years ago

Too close

Dawn devln more than 8 years ago

Blowing in the Wind

This is a thoughtful article. Thank you Jay Pateakos.

I hope that you will go on and explore this issue further. There is now a very large body of information not only about the health effects of wind energy on people and animals but about the whole premise of wind power. It cannot be said often enough that wind turbines are an inefficient producer of energy which will never produce enough electricity to make a dent in the use of fossil fuel. They are government subsidized to an extraordinary extent, The turbines kill birds and bats and are a blight on the landscape. We need to put our money into current and future ways to CONSERVE energy.

Kathryn Sternstein more than 8 years ago

Well done

Probably the most well done local article I have seen on the subject.

Jeff wotton more than 8 years ago

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