Our New Twins



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Twin Cooling Towers

This is a perfect place for capitalistic commercialism.....How about a monthly sponsorship -- Cardis surely would benefit from a month or maybe Battleship Cove do a projected reenactment of Pearl Harbor....the sky is the limit. People would come from all over just to see what's playing on the giant towers. Fields would become viewing areas and ice cream vendors and kettle korn would be snapped up by happy audiences. WOW, I could be onto something!

Daryl Keyes more than 8 years ago

Twin Towers

Great Idea! hope the artistic types take up this challenge. Instead of complaining about them let's do something to improve the situation.

Betty Collins more than 8 years ago

Twin Towers

Hey Paul I like your artistic ability. The Braga Bridge lookes pretty good these days with its new color blue. Maybe we should paint the twin towers blue like the sky, and maybe they might blend in.

Donna Robitaille more than 8 years ago

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