BYOB: Paper or Plastic?



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I don't disagree with most of your tips and would add turning the car off while you run into the store, wait for the school bus, etc. Collectively Fairhaven good do far more for climate change & local air pollution by doing so than the empty symbolism of outsized wind turbines you endorse. Teach your children well not to be consumers, and to think about where that recyclable bag came from. I have yet to find one that would last; ditto flash drives or any of the limited technology I haven't unplugged from. Teach them that they don't have to wait for a "clean up" to pick up litter. Teach them that if they buy things that don't last from other countries they are responsible for increased energy consumption, pollution, climate change and kids with asthma, just where the products are manufactured and call centers are located AND energy waste to dispose of the junk. For research, I've used some of the most advanced technology available and I've also exposed myself to many harms along the way. I'm not frightened of technology, I am frightened of people who are so convinced that they know the solution, understand anything about the technology or where to put it, think that their convictions trump the rights of others to their homes and property, and do not teach their children first and foremost to love the natural world, its sight, sound, smell and twinkles, to be observant and think for themselves. I have tremendous respect for the technological advances during my parents' lifetimes and the personal revolutions that they went through, as well as the bravery of my grandparents off the boat. I went much further than they did in education, but I would be nothing if they did not give core values by example and deed which in essence taught me to think. There is a continuity and respect missing now. Not only did the neighbors of industrial turbines in Falmouth have good "attitude", but they are still "waiting and seeing". It is time for people with your convictions to wake up & learn - just look at Vestas web site to see where these turbines belong; read up before you proselytize.

Kathy Sherman more than 10 years ago

BYOB article

I've been shouting about this for a decade. This article should be disseminated to every media outlet in existence as well as mandatory reading in every classroom as well. We need to shout it from our rooftops and preach it in our places of worship in addition to bringing it up at any and all social occasions. Every chamber of commerce from the federal level on down should have to comment on it as well as all of corporate America. How can we make this happen? Thanks for this article and I plan on sending it far and wide.

Chris Clarendon more than 10 years ago

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