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Two Women, One Shared Passion

Enter Catherine Carter, one of the hardest-working artists in the South Coast....Our other artist, Vivian Lewis, is in her early 90s. She is a Swain School of Design graduate....

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“I’m stuck in the 60s,” Barnes says. “You can tell by the music I play and write, and the instruments I use. I love the sound of drums, guitar, and bass – they have so much dynamics between them. Read more

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The emporium’s goal is to become the go-to place for learning, interacting, and entertainment. The New Bedford Arts and Cultural Emporium offers a great space to create, a network of interesting fellow makers, and a boost in presenting ... Read more

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With the growing emergence of alternative medicine, holistic practitioners are experiencing a swell of success stories and sworn clientele by treating “the whole person.” Read more

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The museum's reading marathon of Herman Melville's famous tome, sparked by the author's time on a city whaling ship, is now in its 26th year. Read more

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Thanksgiving, which includes devouring turkey, has in this country a slew of what we like to call “traditions” but which should be called, in fact, “Things That Are Just Weird AF.” Read more

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On May 15, 2021, the park dedicated its 80-percent scale replica of Washington, D.C.'s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall with a ceremony attended by dignitaries and those who worked to bring the monument to the city... Read more

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The Question of the # 13

John Sideli

When an artist dies, they leave behind not only personal and real property, but also the remainder of their body of work that can span decades. Generally, it is left up to the artist’s family to preserve their work and legacy after their death. Read more

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I could never be classified as a convert to minimalism, but I am increasingly willing and even eager to at least begin to shed “stuff.” Read more

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