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It’s Showtime!

One of the season’s highlights will be The New Bedford Festival Theatre’s production of “The Best of Times” as they celebrate the group’s 30th season.

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In these times of technology-precipitated social isolation that far too often separates us, I got a lovely reminder of where some old-fashioned humanity thrives in forms simple, articulate, literary, and essential. Read more

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Chow Down

Today there are countless variations of chowder throughout New England and the world. For local chowder fans eager to celebrate all those varieties, this year brings another smorgasbord as the 14th Annual Chowder Fest celebrates a food with a... Read more

Aug 25, 2019 9:45 PM Coastal Mags

The chroniclers of local history and culture since 1981, this year Spinner has not one but two recent releases for you to choose from, as well as a back catalogue that will satiate your appetite for all things South Coast. Read more

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...the Weybosset Bridge in downtown Providence is built on the same site where the first bridge was constructed in the late 1600s. Roger Williams was said to have served for a time as the toll taker for that Bridge. Read more

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S.C. Artists - Open Studio Tour

It’s time to get out of your routine and explore your creative community! To do that all you have to do is open your door and discover the 16th South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour on this weekend: July 20-21 and again on August 17-18, from 11-5. Read more

Jul 16, 2019 10:32 AM Coastal Mags

For the tenth year, Save The Bay will be hosting tours of the lighthouses that preside in local waters. The tours will give guests a unique and up-close look at the beacons that have performed the function of safe navigation for ... Read more

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The South Coast is a great place to live. Our coastal environment has a wide variety of landscapes, from marshland and rivers to beaches and wooded areas. Read more

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South Coast Artists

SCA Members Invitational Read more

May 2, 2019 9:13 PM Coastal Mags








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