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A Place to Remember

On May 15, 2021, the park dedicated its 80-percent scale replica of Washington, D.C.'s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall with a ceremony attended by dignitaries and those who worked to bring the monument to the city...

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Thanksgiving, which includes devouring turkey, has in this country a slew of what we like to call “traditions” but which should be called, in fact, “Things That Are Just Weird AF.” Read more

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The Question of the # 13

John Sideli

When an artist dies, they leave behind not only personal and real property, but also the remainder of their body of work that can span decades. Generally, it is left up to the artist’s family to preserve their work and legacy after their death. Read more

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I could never be classified as a convert to minimalism, but I am increasingly willing and even eager to at least begin to shed “stuff.” Read more

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“Kayaking is something that can definitely be learned at any age,” Mancini says. “If you’ve never been in a kayak we can get you started. If you take to it and want to go further we can help you.” Read more

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When elders die, they take an enormous amount of family, community, and institutional memories and information with them. There’s an African proverb that says when an elder passes away, an entire library burns down. Read more

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The South Coast is home to many bike paths, nature trails, and long-distance hikes. Walkers can take their pick from waterfront views to woodsy finds. There are a variety of favorites with varying levels of difficulty. Read more

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Membership has seen a resurgence, Martin said, bigger than he's ever seen in his career as a manager of golf courses. "The biggest boom since Tiger Woods caused the last boom," he said. Read more

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The New Bedford arts community and creative businesses have big plans to put some sizzle into your winter and some engaging culture into your entire year as it plans for both a pandemic, and post-pandemic, 2021. Read more

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