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Setting Sights on Senior Centers

Senior centers are free, as are most of their activities. Some activities require a small fee. They mostly rely on financial support from federal, state, local, and private sources.

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Their first project was to conduct streetscape audits and talk to city departments about improvements needed to make the streets safer and more pedestrian-friendly. Read more

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Fairhaven isn't widely known for its birding resources, but it draws birders from all over eastern Massachusetts, and such clubs as the South Shore Bird Club regularly schedule visits. Read more

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After the long, snowy winter, summer in the South Coast is more appreciated this year than usual. Just being able to open the windows and sit outside is a treat, but there’s much more to do in the region. Read more

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“It’s a non-impact sport,” says Club President Heidi Hacking. “You use your full body to row, but it isn’t strenuous. Anyone can do it and that’s what attracts most people. We have members of all ages.” Read more

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Out of habit, we think of spring as the time to plant anything outside, fast-growing annuals and vegetables, especially. But if you’re thinking long-term, like trees and perennial flowers, fall is the best time for planting. Read more

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You can create a rainbow of subtle flavors and textures with edible spring blossoms – which are all full of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Read more

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There’s a part of us that thinks our parents will live forever. Read more

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And that’s the thing. As we get older, there is absolutely no need to put away childish things like luging. Why? Because childish is good, childish is fun, childish keeps you young at heart. Read more

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Are you getting annoyed that every verbal exchange you have requires you to emit a “WHADIDYOUSAY?” The repetition really takes the punch out of a conversation for everyone involved. Read more

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Age is funny. ... So yes, technically I am middle aged, but acting and thinking much younger. The guy in my mirror may not look it, but what the hell does that old fart know? Read more

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Scammers contact elders they perceive to be vulnerable. They prey on people that are isolated, lonely, disabled, and unfamiliar with finances or have recently lost a spouse. Read more

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I was reminded of these remarkable memories today while reading about a documentary entitled Alive Inside. This inspiring film spotlights the efforts of social worker Dan Cohen, founder of Music & Memory – Read more

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