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The list of gardens selected is kept under wraps until the day of the tour, but they feature a variety of gardening styles, "from formal to informal, woodsy to cottage, as well as annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, and beautiful ... Read more

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Compost is great for improving the soil quality of one's yard and gardens so that plants of all kinds will thrive. Leftover organic material from around the property gets recycled to contribute to another season of growth. Read more

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A sump pump is a last line of defense, if water does get through the barriers you have in place. Even thoughtfully designed and well-constructed houses are vulnerable to water intrusion in their cellars. Read more

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Most people don't think much about removing trees; it's one of those businesses that blend into the background unless someone downs a tree in your neighborhood and you get to watch the process, which is usually an attention-grabber. Read more

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In November, I go out to gather the last of the wildflowers and wild grasses to bring in for a late fall bouquet in shades of gold, orange and brown. Unlike a summer bouquet, it needs no water—everything is already dried on the stalk when I pick them Read more

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“The Healthy Home Expo will help create awareness for improving the health of families and the homes they live in within our local communities,” Read more

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The Annual South Coast Artists (SCA) Studio Tours enters its 11th year in 2014, and through the years the organization has developed into a multifaceted community art asset. Read more

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On average, even that 300 square foot patch of sun can save you up to $1,750 per year. If your system feeds back more into the grid than you use, you can even make $15,000 over the life of the panels. Read more

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