... the clock is ticking on whether we can fend off apocalyptic changes to Planet Earth’s climate by the end of this century. If we do nothing, life as we know it now will be irrevocably changed... fraught with perils and scarcity. Read more

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All winter long, our houses have been hermetically sealed, with stale, stagnant air filled with smoke, germs, kitchen grease, mold/mildew, paper dust, chemical fumes, dust mites, dander, and tracked-in dirt. Read more

Prime Times

Energy has always been a volatile slice of our economy, and we may be on the verge of another major shift, led once again by New Bedford. Read more

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Think it's hard to miss a moose? Guess again. They manage to blend in nicely, despite their size. Read more

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The 197 ­million dollar Route 79/Braga Bridge Improvement project, just about two­-thirds of the way to completion, has opened up the beauty of the Fall River waterfront like few have ever seen before. Read more

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A Brief History of PCBs in New Bedford Harbor Read more

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