“Without volunteers we couldn’t serve the community the way we do,” says Michael Jung, a Major with the New Bedford Salvation Army. “Our volunteers come to us mostly from word of mouth." Read more

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Pets are considered by most people to be an important family member, and today many individuals make personal sacrifices to provide for costly veterinary care and quality nutrition to keep their animals happy and healthy. Read more

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Anyone who has traveled at night in winter knows how the cold and darkness can crawl into your bones. Ah, but at Christmas, winter becomes magical. Read more

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The South Coast is also the ideal place to finish up that last-minute holiday shopping. With many local retailers it’s easy to support the businesses of the community while purchasing something found nowhere else. Read more

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We cannot completely solve the never-ending problems of low income and homelessness, but we can make a difference to people who are struggling from day to day. Read more

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In the South Coast, Fall River’s Festival of Trees and Bristol’s Blithewold both deck the halls in style. But the Fall River Historical Society Celebration and Attleboro’s LaSalette Shrine also shine. Read more

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Before the Christmas holy day became commercialized, gift-giving and partying was much more common on New Year’s Eve than on Christmas. Read more

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“Go placidly among the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.” Read more

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Whether you agree with the results of the election or not, turning your joy or frustration into financial or physical activism is a good thing. Want to make (or to keep) America great? Be an involved citizen. Read more

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The celebration of Christmas on a personal level is different for every family, for every person, for every celebrant, for every country. Read more

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December is one busy month. The traditional activities can easily fill every waking moment and our five senses are under constant assault. Non-stop action rules. It's turbo-overstimulation. Read more

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Stress is produced by runaway thoughts and emotions, and also by unconscious physical tension.... I have led “Stress and Breathing – Burnout and Breathwork” seminars in over 50 countries in the past 40 years, and I’d like to share with you... Read more

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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Festival of Trees, where holiday magic transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Within weeks, community businesses and organizations will turn into winter wonderlands with uniquely decorated Christmas trees. Read more

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There’s nothing wrong with eating just one cookie, nibbling on cocktail shrimp, or having just one spoonful of your mother-in-law’s killer turkey stuffing. It’s the mindless consumption of everything and anything put in front of you that's unhealthy. Read more

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In November our calendars begin to fill with the yearly ritual events, but there's still time to squeeze in something new, something unusual, that we might not have tried before. Try these to expand you local horizons. Read more

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