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With a mission to “deliver state-of-the-art care with heart and soul,” Catholic Memorial Home serves 272 adult men and women through its many comprehensive health services. Read more

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“The key for us isn’t that we are the largest company or the one trying to be everything for everyone. We are just a boutique insurance agency that helps families with all of their needs.” Read more

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For some people, image is everything. That’s certainly true of Dr. Stephen Gagliardi and his team at Fall River’s Ageless Body Sculpting, who work hard to help you achieve the image you strive for. Read more

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“We want to make the Swansea Town Beach one of the premier beaches of the South Coast.” Read more

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Every two seconds, someone in the country needs blood, which comes out to more than 41,000 donations per day. Read more

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Downsizing life can be a struggle for some folks, but the adjustments pay off in the end as couples learn that their new communities offer so much more than they originally imagined. Read more

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But times for many local charities–like they’ve been for many of us these last few years–have been difficult. Read more

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Not so long ago, dining out in Fall River meant "Coney Dogs or Portuguese Food?" Read more

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“We weren’t missing payments or anything and we felt we had time but our bank was looking to break covenants at a time when the whole world was falling apart. We were still making the payments,” Read more

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“Many detergents are like toxic soap, stuff that stays on your clothes, and even the “natural” detergents aren’t what they say they are,” Read more

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Stretching a little over a mile along the heavily traveled Main Road, Westport’s Central Village is a throwback to a simpler time, when villages provided nearby residents with the essential of a good life. Read more

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You arrive to pick up your pizza order and you pay for it. You’re done. But do you ever wonder what time the crew came in this morning? How many hours does that pizza spinner work in a day? How is the owner dealing with rising food costs? Read more

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