But because I am turning 65, I believe I am forced to join this thing called “Medicare,” which under the current misadministration is being renamed “MediWeDon’tCare.” Read more

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The ultimate decision on where you’d like to go for your rehab services is completely up to you. Location, he said, is of prime importance for families. Read more

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If you’re looking to feel young again, stop by one of the many colleges in our area. You can spend some time in a library, go to an art gallery, take in a lecture, enjoy music, or experience theater. Read more

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Everyone wants to live a long, healthy, and independent life, but there can be a sudden illness or injury, a job loss... You need to create a realistic contingency plan that doesn’t leave you out in the cold when you’re old and less able. Read more

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Short-term nursing and/or rehabilitative plans help folks get back on their feet Read more

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A few minutes of visual disturbance, sudden muscle weakness on one side, speech difficulty or disorientation could be symptoms of a TIA – and an alarm bell that a major stroke might be on the way. But because TIA symptoms clear up within minutes... Read more

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Time has taught me that listening to people gripe will not change or improve their situation. Read more

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As those numbers grow, so too do the numbers of people who decide to simply their lives and downsize their living situations. A lot of them aren’t even waiting until they reach retirement age. Read more

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Education, jobs, housing, good income, new marriages… the inevitable began to happen, in unprecedented numbers: babies. Thousands of babies. Then millions of babies. Read more

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Throughout the South Coast are organizations that help seniors function more successfully at home and in the community... Read more

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It's more than just people dancing in a line, but it starts there. It's a series of choreographed steps that require coordination and focus. A dance is said to have "walls" or the number of directions that the dancers face as they go through the set. Read more

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