If you thought it was impossible for the South Coast beach scene to improve, you were all wet thanks to projects at Grinnell’s Beach in Tiverton and the Swansea Town Beach. While those two gems will sparkle brighter in the near future... Read more

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If you've ever watched people standing on a surfboard and paddling, you know what's SUP: standing up paddleboarding. Read more

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Know what’s not for sale? Walking. Pretty much, anyway. Granted, you can join a gym or pony up thousands of dollars to do it at home on a stair-stepping machine or a treadmill. But walking, one of the most basic and best forms of exercise, is free. Read more

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We are surrounded by beautiful and tranquil watersheds, yet there are still people who have never experienced them. We are very fortunate on the South Coast when it comes to water resources. Read more

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While the sting of the withdrawal of the casino plans for the New Bedford waterfront is still fresh in many minds, New Bedford officials and businesses are moving forward... Read more

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The 197 ­million dollar Route 79/Braga Bridge Improvement project, just about two­-thirds of the way to completion, has opened up the beauty of the Fall River waterfront like few have ever seen before. Read more

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