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I saw that your magazine, the Insider, is gathering ideas for somehow improving the view and elevating our spirits.

I am attaching one proposal. It is a draft, and I would think two images on each tower would suffice. A sky-blue tint might be the perfect background color on each tower, helping them to blend with the sky on good days.

S more than 10 years ago


I love the projection idea! Then they can make it say "Dominion Saves The Bay" :) It is a good idea to be able to change them. People may even look for them and enjoy watching to see what's coming next. They could use local artists who want to get their names and art work out there for free. I know I would LOVE to submit a piece.

Maybe then people would call them the projection towers! Once a year there could be bands that play so people could go and celebrate the projection towers and Dominion saving the Bay. Save the Bay day!

Karen McLinden more than 10 years ago


As a child, I grew up looking at this land when it was farm land
without a power plant. Now, I look out the window and have these
Giant structures in my face.
It has ruined the property value tremendously to say the least. While
I was driving in New Hampshire last winter I noticed on the side of
the highway a 100 ft tall, fake pine tree, covering what must have
been previously an" eye sore." I thought this was a great idea someone
came up with. Why can't they paint the towers blue like the sky, with
Giant pine trees, to make it look more natural. I think fish painted
on the side won't look natural, or blend in with the environment.
Sheila /Swansea,MA

Sheila more than 10 years ago


I recently was in Massachusetts and had the pleasure of reading your magazine article about the makeover of the god awful towers at Brayton Point. I was most impressed with the beautiful designs that the local Fall River artist, Abel Uwanogho submitted. They were definitely the most calming and beautiful design that could ever grace those awful towers to be seen by travelers like myself on Rte. 195. I would enjoy the ride by those towers that we make on a regular basis to our hometown of Westport, Massachusetts far more with those tranquil scenes on them. I hope my opinion is heard and helps to make the decision on the makeover of the Brayton Point.

Karen G

Karen Goyette more than 10 years ago


Keep It Simple. The more you design the more you have to maintain.
Keep it gray but put on randomly placed hot-air balloons (high/low;foreground/background). Perhaps using some of the local balloonists designs.

Phyllis Henault more than 10 years ago

The Twin Towers as Changeable Canvas

Perhaps a more cost efficient method of sprucing up the towers would be to do what has been done at times in New York City and other locales: projecting artistic photographic or other artistic images onto the towers, especially after sundown, which could be changed periodically. It would also lend the possibility of projecting seasonal images during holidays, etc.

Inasmuch as the towers present a convex canvas, rather than the flatter canvases of, say, NY buildings, perhaps the projections could be directed in such a way that they can be more easily seen from the Braga Bridge and I-195 approaches.

M. T. Mello, Somerset, MA more than 10 years ago


Living in Brayton Point I and others would love to have some type of nautical mural. Going along with other suggestions I too believe that the water scene would be perfect for our area being right by Mount Hope Bay. Trying to revive this area is not going to be easy with these 2 behemoths closing in on us. Being the tallest structure outside of Boston in MA we need something people look forward to seeing, rather than outsiders thinking its some type of nuclear power plant.

Holly R. more than 10 years ago

Dolphin/Sunset towers

I really like the Dolphin and sunset tower idea. They compliment the surrounding environment with water and skyline and will give the towers much needed beauty and color. I really hope that's the one that's chosen since that's the one that I would like to see outside my window everyday. Thank you for suggesting decorating those towers. It's a wonderful idea

Fall River resident more than 10 years ago

Twin Towers

With so many fine artists wasting their time painting illegal graffiti on private property, perhaps Dominion could hold a contest to see who could come up with something beautiful for these towers, I had a thought about painting them to resemble some beautiful trees towering above the city and blending into a skyline. I look forward to seeing what others imagination can come up with.

Thank you.

Kathleen more than 10 years ago

Dressing up the Brayton Towers

I love the prototype picture with the lights. I hope it gets done! What is the best way to start? Is there a cost breakdown for the Dean-Gauthier proposal? Should it be presented to Dominion? Sorry for all the questions, but would love to see this happen and not sure of the process involved.

Liz more than 10 years ago

Cooling Tower Suggestions

Very interesting and though provoking suggestions from Dean-Gauthier. I believe "dressing up" the Braytons would be a very worthwhile endeavor. Dominion, Somerset/Swansea should collaborate with our artistic community in this area and undertake this as a project.
Today the towers are stark industrial pieces that detract from the area, and a viewed with various degrees of ridicule.
An idea like Dean-Gauthier's could make them show pieces for our area.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Edward J. Hussey more than 10 years ago




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